Insulated Metal Panels (IMP)

About Insulated Metal Panels

An insulated metal panel (IMP) is composed of an insulated core material typically polyisocyanurate foamed in place between two metal pre-coated skins utilizing an interlocking joint for a weather-tight system with a high r-value and superior airtightness.


As it relates to insulation, R-value refers to the level of thermal resistance of various insulating materials. The higher the R-value of a material, the better it insulates from heat and cold. The R-value of insulation varies based the type of material, its thickness and its density.


Our insulated metal wall panels offer superior R-values with unparalleled thermal performance during service life, all built-in to a single off-site, factory assembled insulated panel.


The single component insulated metal wall we offer can reduce on-site installation time by up to 50% compared to traditional multi part site assembled built-up systems, and are suitable for new and retrofit building envelope applications across the commercial and industrial building sectors.


Benefits of IMP

  • High Performance Sustainable Building Envelope: Provides superior levels of thermal (R-Value) and enhance airtightness performance over the service life of the building.

  • Design Flexibility:  Multiple application and design capabilities, complimented by integrated accessories, trims and modules. Wide range of finishes, colours and gages. Tight-fitting panels joints offer superior tightness, preventing thermal bridging and condensation. All panel surfaces are washable keeping them hygiene-safe from bacteria and mold build up.

  • Single Component: Factory-assembled, high performance insulated panels make installation easy.

  • Speed of Build: Faster on-site installation time compared to traditional multi-part systems.  



  • High R-Value: Insulated metal wall panels provide levels of thermal performance (R-value) over the service life of the building.

  • Tested & Approved: All metal wall insulation panels have been extensively tested for compliance with various industry standards and building safety codes such as UL, ULC and FM panel approvals.

  • Energy Efficient: IMPs have a core of continuous, rigid insulation for industry leading R- and U- values with superior airtightness performance.

  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Insulated metal wall panels help ensure a stable interior environment.

  • Eased Construction: Insulated metal panels are simple in detail and attachment, reducing schedules and installation errors.

  • Life-Cycled Benefits: Insulated wall systems last as long as the service life of a typical commercial building. The durable metal panels also reduce operational costs for energy maintenance and offer multiple end-of-life reuse options.

  • Building Certification and Green Targets: Insulated metal wall panels contribute to LEED certification programs and the path to Net-Zero Energy.


Cold Storage Solutions

Pendergast is your full service walk-in and cold storage specialist. Whether it’s maintenance on existing equipment, or you're looking for a new unit, our experienced professionals are always here to serve you. 

Large Storage

In addition to refrigeration and panels, we also specialize in large storage solutions. Regardless of the size of your business, we are always up to the task. Pendergast is pleased to deliver a total end-to-end solution, guiding you through every step of your project. 

Walk-In and Freezer Products

  • New and used walk in coolers and freezers

  • Glass, doors and shelving.

  • Man and pallet swing doors

  • Manual and electric slider doors

  • Strip curtains

  • Vapour proof lighting

  • Reinforced flooring

  • Door hardware

Walk-In and Freezer Services

  • Install, dismantle or reconfigure walk in coolers

  • Repair doors, gaskets and sweepers

  • Relocation, Dismantle and install

  • Re-caulk and repair damaged panels

  • Repair heaters in freezer doors

  • Install walk in cooler sheling

  • Meat rail removel

  • Supply and install protective bollards and bumper rails

  • Supply and install new door hinges

  • Supply and install walk in flooring


Refrigeration Equipment

As our first area of expertise, we offer a wide range of used and new equipment including, coils, compressors, condensing units, racks, lighting, panels, custom refrigeration trim, doors, refrigeration units, freezers and coolers. 

We Supply:

  • Indoor, outdoor and remote Condensing units

  • Refrigeration systems from 1/2 to 120hp

  • low velocity, low profile, medium profile and jumbo coils in air and electric defrosts

  • 30hp to 120 hp Compressor racks  

  • ½hp to 50hp Compressors

  • vertical condensers and direct air condensers up to 10 fan roof tops​

  • Produce case single up to 5 deck

  • Dairy case roll-in and 5 deck

  • Meat case single up to 5 deck

  • Island cases narrow, intermediate and wide island

  • Cheese Island case

  • Service meat case European and flat glass

  • Service bakery case

  • Reach-in pop coolers

  • Reach-in freezers

  • Spot merchandisers

  • End display cases

  • Ice cream novelty cases​​


Commercial Doors

Manual Cooler and Freezer Doors

  • Custom sizing

  • Used and new doors

  • Smooth or embossed

  • Strip curtains

  • double gaskets

  • biparting

  • locking

  • Various widow size

  • Heater options

Commercial Impact Doors

  • Impact plates

  • USDA Accepted

  • Colour options

  • Push and pull handles

  • Security locks

  • window sizing options

  • Bumpers

  • Flexible doors

  • Custom sizing

  • Used and new doors

  • Smooth or embossed

  • Strip curtains

  • double gaskets

  • biparting

  • locking

  • Various widow size

  • Heater options

Electric Cooler and Freezer Doors

Strip-Curtain Doors

  • Colour options

  • Retail, warehouse and freezer

  • Scratch resistant

  • 8", 12", 16" Strips

  • Upgradable hardware

  • Accordion mount

  • Replacement parts


Commercial and Industrial

Your building needs a strong, professional looking exterior that will perform against the elements and last. Our premium panels are energy efficient and customizable to your unique building needs.  

Commercial and Industrial

Our long tenure of success has given us the opportunity to work across an assortment of industries with a wide array of clients. Although primarily in cold storage, there are endless applications for our panels and equipment. Please see below for our current involvements.

Large-scale Processing Facilities

We have the experience and capacity to deliver our standard level of excellence for large-scale projects. Our insulated panels, Trusscore upgrades, stainless steel cladding and high quality doors will withstand the harshest environments allowing your building to function optimally.

We provide custom laser cells made specify to suit our customers’ individual needs. We strive to provide a sleek and effective product that meets your distinctive requirements. 


Industrial Refrigeration

Keeping things cool is what we do best. Projects of every size, from a single cooler to an entire warehouse are available from Pendergast. For those looking for additional assistance, we offer design and build services. Let us bring our experience to your next project. 


We provide cooler and freezer solutions in a variety of sizes and price ranges. We also offer doors, strip curtain and man doors to fit your business needs. 

Our longstanding track record in the grocery business makes us the perfect source for upgrades on your existing units, expanding your current location, new builds and store removals. Contact us today to see how our understanding can help on your next project. 

Retail and Bakery

Pendergast has significant experience meeting the large-scale demands of various farms and food terminals. Call us today to learn more. 

Farms and Food Terminals


Over our 50 years in business we’ve had the opportunity to work on a large assortment of projects and are always open and looking for new prospects.


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